About the Author

My name is Jeffrey Stueber. I’m a freelance writer specializing in creation/evolution issues, Christian apologetics, and religious and political philosophy. I’ve been doing that for at least 25 years. Here are some of the outlets where my ideas have been put forth:

My personal website http://webpages.charter.net/jeffstueber/

Since the early 2000s I have been a member of the Lutheran Science Institute (www.lutheranscience.org) and since 2007 I’ve been on their board of directors. I’ve been published in their journals quite regularly.  See publication history at bottom of the page.

 I have also written several articles for Tektonics ministries web site (http://www.tektonics.org/) and some of my essays have been linked to or copied over to that site.

I’ve done some book reviews that are published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (see below)

From 1996 onward I have periodically written letters to the editor of my local newspaper The Watertown Daily Times for their “voice of the people” section.

I used to belong to a local writer’s group and was published in their Rock River Anthology in 2003 and 2004.

 In 2015 I gave, what hopefully is not the last, speech on creation and evolution to the Milwaukee Creation Society. You can read a preview here http://archive.brookfieldnow.com/blogs/communityblogs/325826051.html.

Follow me on Twitter at @jeff_vastwastl

Publication History

Inside the Darwinian Propaganda Machine, 2002,  personal website

Are Evolutionists Fooling Us, 2002, personal website

Finding Darwin’s God, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, November-December 2002

Abortion – a Liberal Morass of Arguments, 2003, personal website

Review of book Darwinism Defeated?, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, May-August 2003

More available at personal website webpages.charter.net/jeffstueber

Review of Larry Witham, By Design, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, January-February 2006

Why Morality is Inexplicable in Naturalism – the Particular Case of Michael Ruse, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, September-October 2006

Review of Intelligent Design, Creationism and its Critics, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, November-December 2007

Review of Frank Zindler and William Lane Craig debate, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, March-April 2007

Review of Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, and Christopher Hitchens, God is not Great, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, March-April 2008

Review of Darwin Day in America and Moral Darwinism, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, September-October 2008

“Evolution is a Faulty Moral Theory,” published in Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman’s Persuaded by the Evidence. See review here.

review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, March-April 2009

Review of David Berlinski, The Devil’s Delusion, Creation Research Society Quarterly, Spring 2009

Review of DVD The Genesis Debate, Creation Research Society Quarterly, Spring 2009

Review of Bill Maher’s Religulous, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, November-December, 2009

Review of Geoffrey Berg’s The Six Ways of Atheism, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, January-March 2011

What Christianity and Modern Scholarship Say About the Relationship Between the Body, Brain, and Soul, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, July-September 2011

Review of The Cell’s Design, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, October-December 2011

Smart People Do Doubt Evolution, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, July-September 2012

Atheists and the Design Argument – a critique of the book The Atheist Debater’s Handbook, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, July-September 2012

Why Evolution is First and Foremost a Religious Belief, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, July-September 2013

Why Evolution Cannot Even Be Considered Scientific, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, July-September 2014

In 2014 my book the Vast Wastelands of Unbelief was published by Tate Publishing. The publisher has since gone out of business but it spawned this WordPress site as a sequel to the book. I have since put it online here.

Review of Ray Comfort, Evolution Vs God, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, October-December 2015

Review of David Stove, Darwinian Fairytales, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Summer 2016

Atheist Philosophical Arguments Against God – a Critique, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Summer 2017

The Propaganda of Stephen Gould, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Fall 2017

The Games Richard Dawkins Plays, Lutheran Science Institute Journal, Winter 2018